Technology Showcase: 70 Series RFID Mobile Computers

When it comes to accomplishing routine data-collection tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy, the 70 Series RFID mobile computers are the answer. These devices combine advanced RFID reading and a no-compromise design with best-in-class ruggedness, battery life, and ergonomics. Three models to choose from: CK70 RFID, CN70 RFID and CN70e RFID.

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Technology Showcase: CN75/CN75e Handheld Computers

The Honeywell CN75 and CN75e mobile computers offer the versatility customers demand, providing the choice of a Windows® or Android™ operating system on a single device to meet changing enterprise business demands. The no-compromise design is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core, multi-engine processor with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash, offering the highest degree of future-proofing capability.

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Locating misplaced cages

We are all aware that misplaced cages are a problem in animal research facilities. These cages cause a headache for billing and can cost operations thousands of dollars per year. Missing cages can also cost researchers time and result in valuable data being missed or lost entirely.

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Can RFID technology read cages in adjacent rooms?

A major concern that we hear about RFID being used for cage census is the possibility of capturing or reading cages from an adjacent room. While RFID does have the ability to read at long distances, this concern is only valid if you must track cages by room. Even then, it is not a show stopper. Continue reading “Can RFID technology read cages in adjacent rooms?”

RFID Cage Census: Handheld Readers vs. Fixed Readers

The cage census process is an increasingly common RFID application since it is a great way to increase efficiency and accuracy in data input for billing or reports. The concept is simple, use an RFID cage card on each cage to reduce the amount of time spent counting/locating and increase the accuracy of data capture. Continue reading “RFID Cage Census: Handheld Readers vs. Fixed Readers”

A brief introduction to the “cloud”

Personally, when I think about cloud computing, I think about online banking. There is no longer a need to physically hold your money in a safe, but rather it is digitally stored over the internet and highly secured servers. If you trust a bank to manage and secure your money, you should feel the same way about the cloud providers managing and securing your data.

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What is the difference between RFID and Barcode? Are there advantages?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Barcodes are two closely related automatic identification technologies used for a variety of applications. Both RFID and barcode technologies are well suited for certain functions, but the advantages of RFID over barcodes are great in number and significance. Continue reading “What is the difference between RFID and Barcode? Are there advantages?”

Three methods for cage census utilizing RFID

Over the years, technology such as RFID has been introduced into the vivarium to iron out the wrinkles of the census process by improving accuracy and speed. Even with institutions having different processes and infrastructure in place, RFID cage census systems can still be retrofitted into existing operations.

There are three basic methods used for RFID cage census:

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The myths of RFID cage cards and cage card holders

One of the main points while discussing a possible RFID census system is the topic of cage card holders. Throughout these discussions, I have noticed some misconceptions in the industry about incorporating RFID cage cards and RFID embedded cage card holders for census. Yes, while implementing an RFID census application may seem to be an intimidating project, there are a several methodologies that can facilitate a much smoother transition.

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Inventory management software: Why it matters

Inventory management systems have become a critical component for small and large operations. Many businesses have overlooked the benefits of managing their inventory, costing time, labor, and most importantly… money. So the real question is; what do you look for to get a maximum ROI from an inventory management system?

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