RMS Omega Technologies Acquires RFID Software Solution Provider Capturity

Baltimore Based Technology Firm Expands RFID Technology Offering with Software Acquisition.

Baltimore, MD, November 2, 2017– RMS Omega Technologies, a leading systems integrator for barcoding, RFID, mobile, and wireless technology solutions, announced today the acquisition of Capturity, a division of Compu-Power, Inc., and software solutions provider of RFID locating and tracking applications.  The purchase was made final on November 1, 2017.

RMS Omega also recently welcomed Neil Amrhein, Capturity’s former Vice President, to the company’s Professional Services Group. Mr. Amrhein is leading RMS Omega’s software and RFID expansion efforts as Director of Software Development. While at Capturity, Mr. Amrhein was dedicated to project engineering, design, and software implementation.

“We’re eager to introduce new RFID software and tracking solutions to the marketplace. Through the acquisition of Capturity, we’ve gained strong software applications and invaluable expertise,” said Peter Vatenos, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. “With the addition of new software, backed by a strong development and support team, we can offer our clients sound options and enhanced support, more efficiently.”

Capturity has developed specialized data capture applications for the Electric Utilities, Life Sciences, Logistics, and Manufacturing industries. The current line of barcode and RFID software applications include:

ASSETracs™ – Asset Tracking Software: ASSETracs™ is an RFID and barcode-based software package that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to track multiple types of assets across their entire organization.

TAGTalk™ – RFID Middleware: TAGTalk™ is an RFID-enabled middleware application that administers and controls RFID devices.

VCS™ – Vivarium Census System: VCS is an RFID and barcode-based software package developed for the life sciences industry. VCS is designed to allow animal research facilities to perform an accurate cage census in minutes.

“Over the past year, RMS Omega has seen a steady increase in demand for RFID tracking systems,” said Clayton Vigent, Vice President of Sales. “With the addition of Capturity’s line of software applications, we’re pleased to offer our customers more cost-effective solutions for fast and accurate RFID data collection.”

About Capturity:

Serving all local, regional, and national platforms, Capturity (formerly RFID-Pros), a division of Compu-Power, Inc., offers RFID technology and consulting services; asset tracking and locating software; inventory control systems; and automated data collection solutions to all organizations seeking greater control over their physical assets, including facility managers, rental companies, manufacturing and utilities.

About RMS Omega Technologies:

RMS Omega Technologies is a systems integrator with corporate offices based out of Baltimore, MD, and Bluffton, SC. RMS Omega helps businesses design, deploy, manage and service barcode, RFID, data collection, wireless and mobility technologies that improve productivity, meet new compliance demands, and reduce operating costs. RMS Omega supports small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and healthcare organizations through the selection, deployment, maintenance, and servicing of technology products that capture, manage, and integrate business, personal, or product data.

Get help the help you need. At RMS Omega, we take your business challenges seriously. We gather the necessary industry research to provide unbiased recommendations in the most cost-effective manner. Whether your goal is to improve patient safety, your supply chain or mobile workforce efficiencies, RMS Omega can assist you. Contact us today!

RMS Omega Technologies Inc.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Kate Sparks at 888.857.8402  or email at marketing@rmsomega.com.

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