Asset Tracking Electric Cooperatives

Electric Utilities: Conquer Utility Infrastructure Challenges

The challenges and expenses facing utility companies are phenomenal. Beyond routine maintenance and repair are the high costs of the utility environment – the costs of being high up, underground, underwater, exposed to weather and in the public eye.
  • Capturity’s TAGtalk™ and ASSETracs™ packages address environmental challenges, cut costs and give you more control by:

    • Accurately and quickly locating points in the field
    • Providing reliable system data
    • Tracking and regulating maintenance and repairs
    • Increasing visibility and, therefore, transparency

    Learn more about how Capturity’s technology solutions can reduce your risk by giving you more control over your utilities service.

  • Life Sciences: Cut the Cost of Doing Census

    Biological research facilities rely on performing cage census for billing purposes, but they often underestimate the cost of managing and counting the cages that make business happen. Worse, they do not get an accurate count and cannot locate cages.
  • Capturity’s Vivarium Census System is adaptable to any research facility and provides value by:

    • Improving the accuracy of cage counts
    • Eliminating the costs associated with “bad” census data
    • Counting and locating cages
    • Providing information access to all authorized personnel
    • Billing processes

    Learn more about how Capturity’s technology solutions can reduce your risk by giving you more control over your facilities census.


  • Rental Companies Industry

    Logistics: Decrease Inventory Risk

    Any company that ships high-value items to customers puts its bottom line at risk every day. Therefore, it’s vital that assets are correctly identified and assigned to the proper shipment.
  • Capturity’s technology solutions gives each asset a unique identifier that then guarantees two things:

    1. The item picked is the same your customer ordered
    2. Your customer receives the exact item expected

    RFID technology has been proven to be more efficient, accurate and cost-effective for logistics companies for these reasons:

    • RFID tags are extremely rugged, typically outlasting the life of the asset
    • Data collection from the tagged assets is almost entirely automatic, requiring very little labor
    • The location of RFID-tagged assets is always up to date, giving the asset owner full control at every stage in the logistics process

    Learn more about how Capturity’s technology solutions can reduce your risk by giving you more control over your assets.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing: Streamline Manufacturing Operations

    In manufacturing, the bottom line hinges on efficiency and productivity – and how much control you have over these is often the single deciding profitability factor.
  • Capturity’s TAGtalk™ and ASSETracs™ packages significantly streamlines manufacturing operations, increasing both efficiency and productivity, by enabling easy, fast and accurate processes, such as these:

    • Identification of molds, dies and other tooling
    • Differentiation of similar items
    • Location of parts
    • Tracking of work in process
    • Warehousing, staging and shipping

    Learn more about how Capturity’s technology solutions can streamline your operations by giving you more control over your manufacturing processes.

  • what our clients say

    • We partnered with Capturity to implement an RFID Material Tracking System and  to integrate the RFID data with a customer’s Wonderware System Platform. Capturity was quick to respond to our needs, provided good products and engineering resources and helped us to achieve a successful project outcome for our customer.

      Tate Stuntz, Wonderware North
    • Capturity completely fulfilled and surpassed our expectations with their diligence, professionalism and understanding of the project from conception to completion. They were able to conduct a flawless implementation with no perceptual downtime. Capturity’s IT department is outstanding and their sales team equally exceptional.

      Joe Shultz, Leisure Village Association West
    • We choose Capturity again and again because of their excellent products and customer service. They’re extremely knowledgeable and always respond in a timely manner. Capturity is clearly a great company with great people!

      Cameron Kesner, American Woodmark Corporation, South Branch Plant
    • Capturity helped us develop an RFID census application VIVATRACK Census – a product that cut our customer’s labor cost by 50% and increased accuracy to 98%. Above all, Capturity has been great to work with, and they provide the best support in the business.

      Jim Snyder, Tecniplast USA